Finding Balance

In a blink of an eye May is over. To say it blew by quickly would be an understatement. 
So many plans for Fern and Arrow co. this month. Booked for some great events in June! Check out the Upcoming Events tab to keep up to date. Also, in the upcoming months, there will be a collection release every two weeks!
The Ethereal Daydream Collection has launched and you can shop it here:
This was an anticipated collection and was inspired by the Cottage Core Collection from last year. 
The Pride Collection is also available if you missed it:
All profits of this collection will be donated to Sault Pride in Sault Ste. Marie. 
You may have noticed that the collection of necklaces on our website has began to grow. While necklaces have been available in person for about a year, a lot of the time, they do not make it onto the website before being sold. Most are one of a kind, which makes them an even better gift for loved ones.
The Monthly Subscription was a hit with customers! Included was a neutral dangle and a pair of cactus stud earrings. Valued at $30.00 for $11.00. To subscribe, go to the top of our main page. Watch our stories for sneak peaks of the June surprise. 
I had personal goals for this month and while some were definitely achieved, some I will continue into June. 
Isis and I got outside everyday whether it was rain or shine. May long weekend we ventured out to Harmony Beach to hike to the Eagle Ridge Lookout. Definitely a beautiful site, quick hike, and will definitely hike it again in the fall to see the fall colours in all of their glory. Next plan is to hike the Havilland Lookout sometime in June. Get outdoors friends, it is good for the soul. :D 
Averaged out to going to the gym 3 times per week and making it a routine. I plan to continue through out the summer. Going to the gym is something that helps with stress for me and once I make it a routine I find myself overall more productive in all avenues of my life. 
Scheduling time for Fern and Arrow co. and setting work boundaries did not work out as well as I thought, so will continue to work on that going forward. I anticipate to work more with a planner to stay on track. 
For June, I want to simplify my home, reorganize, and declutter. If anyone has any tips on decluttering your home when you run a business out of it please let me know. 
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Until my next blog, take it easy and do the things you love. 
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