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Earring Care

Please treat your polymer clay earrings with care- if dropped or stored incorrectly your items may break or become damaged.

Polymer clay is durable and can last years if taken care of correctly. Even though it may be tempting, do not bend your polymer clay items. 

When you are not wearing your polymer clay earrings keep them in a clean, dry space. 

Make sure to take your polymer clay earrings off when showering or when in water. 

Avoid contact with makeup, hair styling products and perfumes. The clay may stain if it comes into contact with these products.

How To Clean

With prolonged use, makeup may stain the earrings and dust may be found on their surface. To clean polymer clay earrings, use a piece of moist soft fabric and wipe it gently to remove dirt and dust from the earrings.

For tough to clean stains, you can use rubbing alcohol on a cotton round.