Summer is here and it is busy

Happy Summer Everyone!

I hope you all have been enjoying the season far. Fern and Arrow co. had a full packed month of markets in June! We were seen at our regular spots including the Mill Market, Algoma Makers Market, and also attended some new ones! I wanted to say thank you for the support online and in person, our community continues to grow and I am loving every moment of it. 

In July we will not be slowing down, we are booked for 8 markets/shows in July! Hope to see you around, to keep track of our upcoming events, make sure to check our website often. 

To jump ahead a little, August will be a slowdown and self care month. Four markets booked and will most likely not pick any others up. The first two weekends of August will be spent relaxing and enjoying summer. Customers can still count on online releases, and I am already prepping for our first fall release! Wow, time does creep up!

You will see two market releases this month. First release will be a beach theme collection, and you will see Lake Superior incorporated in some pieces which will be very exciting for locals. These pieces will make perfect gifts as well! The next collection will be summer themed, think flowers and fruits! 

I also would like to thank everyone who shopped our Pride 2023 Collection. Wow, the amount of times I had to restock the pieces was insane! I have decided to continue selling the Pride 2023 Collection throughout the month of July, and then will make a donation to Sault Pride at the end of the month. I love how Fern and Arrow co.'s community assisted in this!

We are also at a new location, you can find an exclusive collection at Hogan's Homestead at the Sault Ste. Marie Airport. These pieces are unique and exclusive to them at this time. 

A little bit about me and how I have been feeling this month. To be honest not great, I experienced times when I wanted to throw in the towel with Fern and Arrow co. Not for any particular reason, bur I think I was just very very overwhelmed. 

I started working full time again and also do Fern and Arrow co. full time. Working full time again 9-5 was unexpected so I definitely have not been managing my time well. If things were different, would I have booked so many markets this summer? Probably not, but we are here, and I am not someone who wants to disappoint, so one month left and then I will take a much needed break. All I need to do is remember to BREATHE. 

 That is all for me today!





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