Mastering the Art

It is officially Halloween month, and I have got to say that we are in my favourite month of the year. Changing leaves, new decor, and the crisp air is what I crave all year round. 

A little recap of September. Fern and Arrow co. was busy with launches and in-person vendor shows. We had the pleasure of attending the Fall Fair in Wawa, said goodbye to the old Mill Market location (now called Soo Market), and attended our last outdoor market with Algoma Makers Market. Seeing customers in person is still one of my favourite things.

We also launched 3 collections during the month of September. The Bewitched Collection has been a favourite all month. Halloween collections have been popular since 2021 and after 3 restocks, it is time to do one last restock in the next week. We also launched the Neutral Boho Collection, a neutral fun collection with the richest neutrals with pops of blue. On Saturday, the Changing Leaves Collection launched and is almost sold out as well! You guys never cease to amaze me with your support. 

October will be a quieter month as I am going into full holiday prep starting this week. We will be at the new Soo Market location at 73 Brock Street on October 7th and 14th. Also in Sudbury on Sunday October 22nd for the Holistic Healing Fair! See you soon Sudbury friends, excited to see you all!

There will be two online launches. One inspired by the most influential artist and song writer of mine and many others. ;) The next collection will be our Christmas inspired collection. Like every year, us business owners have to create these collections well before we are ready to celebrate. So wish me luck. 

Same update you see every month, I am struggling with work life balance. It seems I am able to upkeep for a short period of time but then the business aspect takes over to the point of burn out. In October I will be taking steps to put life first. 

I work full time Monday through Friday and then come home and work on Fern and Arrow co. until 10:00pm most nights. I have decided that there is a 3 hours max of Fern and Arrow co. a day. Whether that is website updates, creating, or packing orders. I have also decided to "unplug" one day a week. Where I am unplugging from social media. While there may be posts, they will be scheduled. This will allow me time to read, go for hikes, and focus completely on what truly matters. 

Before the craziness of the holiday season this is important for me to start habits that puts me first, I am committed to mastering the art of work life balance. We shall see if I am successful. 

- Courtney



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