Remainder of Summer Plans

Could July have been the busiest month so far for Fern and Arrow co? I think so! Thank you again for all of the continued support on our online launches and in-person events. The Superior Waves Collection and Fruits and Florals Collection were a big hit this summer. 

Some items from the Superior Waves Collection will stay permanent as I believe they are a staple. We will keep 3 items that include the beautiful sand from Harmony Beach. Mixing in sand results in this beautiful speckle and texture in the clay. The design was created by me and printed on our in-house 3D printer. Harmony Beach holds a special place in my heart. You can shop the collection here:

Two new collections will launch in August. A bright tropical inspired collection on Saturday August 5th at 2:00pm and our FIRST Fall Collection on Saturday August 19th at 4:00pm. 

As mentioned previously, in-person events will slow down in August. No in-person events the two first weeks of August. I will be going on a long awaited vacation to replenish my creativity and take some time to myself. I have had 4 weekends off this year, so the weekend break is needed. 

September is looking to be a fun month of new events! Fern and Arrow co. will be at the 21st Sylvan Circle Tour. I feel absolutely honored to be part of this show with fellow artists. To find out more about the tour check out:

On September 9th, Fern and Arrow co. will be attending an out of town fair in Wawa, for all upcoming events, be sure to check our upcoming events tabs often. 

Hopefully after a much needed break I will be able to find balance to start the fall and holiday season off right. We are encroaching on the busiest time of year and to say I feel not prepared would be an understatement. Planning for holidays shows and collections seems so far away but will be here before we know it. 

On another note, I took the time to do something for myself this past weekend and went kayaking on the St. Mary's river. Although I have went kayaking  before this was a fun experience as seeing Sault Ste. Marie from a completely different angle. Definitely recommend!


Until next time, 

xo Courtney



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