Setting the Tone

We are a little bit into February and all I can say is yay! The month of January is always a struggle for me. I thrive off of good weather and sun and the dreary days seem to be gone for good!

I took some much needed time during January to reassess what Fern and Arrow co. will look like for 2024. 2023 was the busiest year yet, and that came with some sacrifices. I was in full hustle mode all year and never took a break. It was a year or trying everything to see if it was worth the return and to be honest, some of it wasn't. 

All businesses should try new things to see what works for them, and now that we know, there will be some changes. You can expect to see us at less vendor shows, last year, I would attend anything that was available and sometimes that was at a detriment to my everyday life. Never getting a break and dealing with burnout is real and it hit me at the end of the year very hard. 

I still intend on launching new collections as usual and attending in person vendor shows, just a few less. 

We are also in the process of releasing two new items online and in person! Our hair clips have always been a favourite amongst customers but would also get feedback from customers wishing we sold barrettes, well they will be available soon! Rings have also been something I have wanted to add for about two years, and after testing and working with different suppliers, I have found items that reflect the importance we have of reliable and high quality metals for our jewelry.

Next collection is absolutely stunning. Working with pressed florals can be a task but the final result is amazing. Keep updated with our social media posts to see what the Somber Florals Collection looks like. And next up? A small St. Patrick's Day Collection. 

Fern and Arrow co. will be at 3 in person events this month. Even travelling to Wawa! Check out the upcoming events tab here

 Talk to you guys next month!

x0 Courtney 

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