The Blog is back, back again....

Oh hey! I took a break from the blog and also our monthly newsletter but we are back and will be in full swing going forward.

If you are reading this, I am sure you're curious as to why there have been a few things on hold these past few months with Fern and Arrow co. Well, if someone ever tells you that you are going to get burn out, please listen to them and slow down because I ignored it and well, burn out happened.

The end of last year was not great, and I was inches away from complete and utter burn out. I was not enjoying Fern and Arrow co. anymore, simply because everything involved stress. Collection releases, restocks, photo photography, social media, markets, it got to be wayyyy too much for too long during the holiday season last year. 

I hit a wall where I knew I needed to slow down or put a halt on a few things to get back to the love of creating I had before. And well, I am back and all the love is there! While there were still collection releases and in person events there were some changes that needed to happen temporarily. 

The blog stopped, monthly newsletters, less on social media, less video content. I needed to cut some things down and enjoy life, to reevaluate what I wanted Fern and Arrow co. to be and where I wanted this business in my life. And I can confidently say that it is here to stay! I will need to make tough decisions with work life balance and the time I had away (kind of) allowed me to realize what needs to be prioritized and when. 

I want to write these blogs with honesty and be vulnerable on how I am really feeling, in this small business space, within the community, and with my personal well being. 

Having a small business can be hard for a lot of reasons and it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever had and brought me so much joy these past couple of years. I want to showcase that, the ebbs and flows of this. 

Fern and Arrow co. will turn 3 this year on July 17th, and I think this will be the beginning of Fern and Arrow co. 2.0? Maybe some new products? 

Until next month, please celebrate our birthday with us on the 17th!

xo Courtney

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